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Labeling fresh produce Fresh produce documentation Industry standards labels fresh produce documentation domestic
Labeling fresh produce. Fresh produce documentation. Industry standards for labels and fresh produce documentation for domestic and export, maximum traceability and inventory accuracy.

Labels and documents for fresh produce

Fresh produce label printing & design.  Build your own, choose from templates, or ask your consultant to design your fresh produce labels and documents.

Print Produce Traceability Initiative / PTI style labels for fresh produce pallets (PTI Hybrid Pallet Label with GTIN and SSCC via GS1 128 barcodes) and other fresh produce labeling formats from around the world.

Generate standard FarmSoft fresh produce pallet labels with SSCC and human readable details.

Generate standard FarmSoft inventory labels for identifying fresh produce that will be processed further before sale.

Includes labels accepted by Walmart, Tesco’s, Coles, Woolworths, Aldi, Pick’n’Save, and many more chains.

Use virtually any printer type or model, including mobile label printers or inexpensive thermal or laser printing options to generate fresh produce labeling.
  • Walmart fresh produce labels
  • Woolworths fresh produce labels
  • Aldi fresh produce labels
  • Coles fresh produce labels
  • Whole Foods fresh produce labels
  • Tesco & Loblaw fresh produce labels

fresh produce inventory label
Labels and documents for fresh produce

Inventory labels for fresh produce

Label fresh produce traded units (trade units), and even consumer units such as punnet, tray, tote, bags, cartons, and crates. All bar-codes can be scanned using the app to move/sell/manipulate inventory.

Use built in industry standard fresh produce labels for Walmart, Tesco, Aldi, Woolworths, Loblaw, Pick'n'Save, Coles and more.

Full support for fresh produce inventory bar-codes such as GS1-128 (versions with Batch and Pack date options), T9, SSCC18 shipping bar-codes, and more...

PTI Hybrid Pallet Label with GTIN and SSCC via GS1 128 bar-codes) and other fresh produce labeling formats

Fresh produce labels for packers of fruit & vegetables have never been easier to create & print. Choose from an extensive selection of industry standard fresh produce labels, customize them, or design your own.

fresh produce labels export documentation
Labels and documents for fresh produce

fresh produce pallet label
Labels and documents for fresh produce

Fresh produce labels increase traceability for fruit and vegetable markets

Being always aware of where your products are is indispensable. Six billion cases of fresh produce are handled every year in the U.S. Contamination does occur, but the PTI is hoping that the standardized approach they propose will provide a more efficient, targeted food recall—to minimize the health risk to the consumers and the impact on the food companies involved.

Traceability is an obligation of result, not of means. Each industry organised itself in its own way and uses the appropriate technology. Traceability requires few tools, as what matters is not the technology, but the organisation that meets the goals of traceability. Beware of technology for technology's sake. Actors must be informed and trained properly”.

Food Safety Magazine: While there is strong agreement about the virtues of traceability, questions of how this should be achieved may require additional compromises across the produce industry. At Food Safety Magazine, we believe that ongoing discussions among producers of all sizes across the supply chain provide the best chance that industry can present prospective solutions to regulators while guaranteeing a universally high standard for food safety from farm to market.

Each farmer is supplied with a detailed marketing plan and packing guide before their season begins. When our suppliers' season starts, they will submit samples for MRL testing, with the start of each new cultivar. Fruits uses an accredited lab to analyze the samples and the quality department monitors the results.

Pallet labels for fresh produce inventory

Use a selection of international standard pallet labels for easy identification of fresh produce pallets.

Fresh produce pallet labels feature SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code) shipping bar-codes for improved pallet management.

All pallet bar-codes can be scanned to move/sell/manipulate pallets.

Labels and documents for fresh produce
Labels and documents for fresh produce

Batch labels for fresh produce

Simplify bulk management of fresh produce using batch labels for part processed or unprocessed fresh produce.

Fresh produce pallet labels feature SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code) shipping bar-codes for improved pallet management.

All batch bar-codes can be scanned to move/sell/manipulate fresh produce.

FarmSoft delivers a range of easy to use innovative fresh produce labeling software integrated into the standard FarmSoft Fruit Packing software.

Learn more about FarmSoft fresh produce labeling software and traceability software.

FarmSoft labels include formats for Aldi, Coles, Tesco, Walmart, Pick ‘n Save, Loblaw, Woolworths, and more. FarmSoft fresh produce labels even include a QR code that can be snapped by a smartphone and presents users with your chosen quality and marketing information specific to the batch of fruit. Case level labeling is easy with FarmSoft. Print on demand solutions deliver rapid labeling and capture employee packing information for maximum food safety and traceability.

FarmSoft delivers Produce Traceability Initiative compatible fresh produce labels in the standard FarmSoft Packhouse Management solution. Discover a new range of fresh produce labeling software to enhance traceability in the fruit packing and vegetable packing industries. Download the FarmSoft Packhouse brochure now.

The FarmSoft fresh produce labeling modules provide a wide range of fresh produce labels for all types of fresh produce, fruit, and vegetables.

Labeling can be specific to each case and or trade or consumer unit. The FarmSoft team can produce pack shed labels to meet specific client requirements to suit and fresh produce packing scenario. Contact us to find out more about your fresh produce labeling opportunities.

The FarmSoft Packhouse Management suite integrates with the FarmSoft Farm ERP, considered one of the worlds best farm software solutions (review FarmSoft farm software here). Review fresh produce packing software here.

Traceback & The Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI)

fresh produce label documentation
Fresh produce labeling (fruit & vegetable)

View Locations GeoTraceability's Digital Agronomist is a new software technology which allows the delivery of agronomists' expertise to each individual smallholder farmer, and his or her fields. The agronomic recommendations for increasing smallholder productivity are compiled in individual Farm Business Plans”, which can be further supported with field-input credit, training and ultimately Roundtable for Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) Group certification. This package of opportunities to improve productivity and profitability for smallholder farmers presents a compelling alternative path to the farm expansion model.

It's not built like a farm, so you have to follow building codes, which makes it harder, heavier and more expensive,” says Rathmell, Lufa Farms' greenhouse director. It had never been done before, so engineering a greenhouse that's typically built on the ground in rural areas, for urban rooftop construction, was quite challenging. We're getting better at it with each greenhouse.”

By checking the actual harvest dates of different shipments that come in on the same day, a retailer can ensure it is working in real-time first in/first out based on actual harvesting of the crop. Another aspect being implemented by a Mexican grower is that of putting pictures of the person who picked each tomato on the label. As such, Vaché said, PTI continues to move forward … unfortunately, it's at glacial speed.”

Water conservation. Lufa Farms' founders implemented hydroponic methods to minimize environmental impact. They developed proprietary systems to capture rainwater, snowmelt and condensation, using closed-loop drip irrigation to water plants growing in coconut fiber.

Produce traceability is also required by Section 306 of the Bioterrorism Act, which states that all companies that grow, pack and ship food need to have a recall traceability program for consumer safety. PrimusGFS, the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) recognized audit system RPE and many other area growers use, also emphasizes produce traceability and requires a mock recall every six months. The company is allowed to choose what item it wants to test a recall for, whether packaging, a finished product or sprout inhibitor, as well as the severity of the mock recall.

Italy: Fresh produce good for private labels

Some data on the market trend and distributor brands had been anticipated during the opening of Marca, but additional figures on the 1.1% growth of consumer packaged goods expected for 2016 were commented upon during the convention "La marca del distributore nel nuovo scenario di consumo: innovazione, qualità e sostenibilità" (Distributor brands in the new consumer scenario - innovation, quality and sustainability).

Guido Cristini, Marketing professor at the Università di Parma and moderator of the round table.

The growth is small because of the effect of the "2015 seasonality peak," commented Gianmaria Marzoli from IRI, the company who carried out the XII Rapporto Marca sull'evoluzione dei prodotti a marca del distributore (Marca report on the evolution of private labels). In fact, last summer's heat pushed the consumption of seasonal products to €229 million, but 2016 will not be the same. "Volume growth will be due to fresh produce and groceries". After all, among private labels, the fresh produce segment was one of the sectors that recorded the biggest growth - +3.5% in terms of volumes and +5.5% in terms of value.
"In addition, there was a rationalisation of the lowest-price segment (-27.6%) while there were less promotions. All chains worked on a better shelf positioning and only some worked on promotions."

Gianmaria Marzoli from IRI talks about data from the XII Marca Report.

Round table with the main retailers

The convention also included a round table with the managers of some of the main retailers - Coop, Conad, Carrefour, Auchan, Crai-Secom, Selex, VèGè, Unes.

"Our data continues to be positive and, all in all, the share of our private label products reached 30%, with a turnover that reached €30 billion. In addition, if we only considered small and medium stores, the share would be even higher. The turnover remained stable while, thanks to the "Prezzi Bassi Sempre" campaign, we experienced a significant increase in volumes without compromising on quality," explains Roberto Nanni, strategy manager for Coop private label products.

The round table

Coop's objective for 2016 is the extension of the "Origini Materie Prime" project, which enables consumers to discover in real time where the main raw materials part of certain products are from. This means consumers can make choices based on clear information and values such as ethics, sustainability and safety."

Auchan's marketing manager Alberto Miraglia stressed how "we have not been promoting private label products because we want consumers' perceptions to be real, while often they can be confused by promotions."

The managers of the leading Italian retailers at Marca.

"We also saw a decrease in lowest-price private labels while the mainstream and premium segments did well. More assortment is needed to grow, and the challenge will involve the mainstream segment. We will focus on made in Italy healthy products," explains Gonzague De Carrere from Carrefour.

"The data shows that the market is quite complicated and will not improve in the near future. Products have been differentiated as copying one another which did not help us grow. We need to make a choice about what to place on our shelves, having the lowest price is not compulsory," adds Marco Bordoli from Crai-Secom.

VèGè group also has a clear idea about what to do this year: "we will create a private label that will be an endorsement brand. We will work with Delizie VèGè and add new products," says CEO Giorgio Santambrogio. In addition, the group will invest a lot in new technologies, communication as well as trust & sharing and proximity market systems.

"Customers must 'need' every new product, that is why we are working on the fundamentals every day," reports Conad's Customer Marketing and Communication Manager Giuseppe Zuliani.

A moment during the round table.

"This year, we carried out a series of analyses to better understand our customers' choices and improve what they did not like. We work on the quality of our products because customers need facts, not just words," stressed Fabio Sordi, sales manager for Selex.

Unes CEO Mario Gasbarrino concluded by saying that "private labels are an indicator of the development of this system - a brand cannot grow if the company does not grow too, just like if the boss does not believe in it or the company and the brand do not have the same policy."

Author: Andrea Minghelli

New compostable label and large label solutions to be launched at PMA 2019

The Sinclair Team is proud to announce the launch of its new certified compostable Sinclair EcoLabel® in North America at PMA’s Fresh Summit 2019. Sinclair will also be showcasing the Sinclair EcoLabel on the Large Label V6 system designed for labeling large fresh produce such as melons, squash, pumpkins and more. Sinclair EcoLabel now offers customers globally a sustainable labeling option and meets the European EN13432: 2000 standard for compostable and biodegradable packaging. The full label construction – adhesive, face stock and inks – is certified compostable by TÜV Austria under OK compost - Industrial and Seedling certification schemes.

Labels and documents for fresh produce
Labels and documents for fresh produce

As with all of their labels Sinclair EcoLabel is food-safe, meeting  EU and FDA regulations, and is supplied on Sinclair EcoLiner® backing paper, which is also certified compostable.

Colin Woodward, Sinclair President & CEO, commented: “Delivering the Sinclair EcoLabel is a ground-breaking moment for Sinclair and the industry. For a number of years, we have worked tirelessly to provide a certified and fully compostable labeling solution. With this achievement, Sinclair continues to invest in environmentally friendly labeling solutions. Our vision is to lead and inspire the fresh produce labeling industry to minimize impact on the planet.”

Also at PMA’s Fresh Summit is the Sinclair Large Label V6 labeling solution for larger fresh produce. The Large Label V6 uses hit on sight technology to label larger fruits and vegetables conveyed at speeds of up to 400 per minute. With label sizes up to 3 x 2” the new Large Label V6 allows sizer interface, is height adjustable for a wide variety of fresh produce and offers flexible mounting options on a range of equipment.

Duncan Jones, Marketing Manager, commented: “The Large Label V6 innovation provides Sinclair customers with a solution to the rising costs of large produce labelling. The automation of labelling with large labels will help producers save time and cost in label application. As well as providing a new option in the widest range of fresh produce labelling solutions available, the large label also offers a sustainable branding solution for large fruit and vegetables.”

For more information:

Labels and documents for fresh produce
Labels and documents for fresh produce

Duncan Jones
Sinclair International
Tel: +44 1603 726 400

Green Light; new fresh produce label committed to food safety and quality

"Go for Fresh" is the force behind Fresh Avenue's new commodity line, Green Light. This innovative line features a variety of fresh items such as cilantro, bok choy, green onions, and more from farms and packers committed to solid food safety practices and great quality production.

The Green Light commodities will be sold exclusively through Fresh Avenue. "It's not every day you get the opportunity to develop a new label in our industry. Behind Green Light is the idea of a product that comes from amazing family farms and packers so that the consumer knows they have a quality product on their plate." stated Jim Leighton who is leading the Green Light initiative.

Through Fresh Avenue's network, the Green Light label is supported through delivered logistics, consolidation, and regional customer support activities.

"Green Light is the perfect complement to the producer partners our team represents," stated Mark Vaughan, managing partner of Fresh Avenue. "We work directly with the growers that know quality and freshness is a top priority for our customers. Green Light encourages everyone to 'Go for Fresh' at every level of the supply chain."

For More information:

Jim Leighton

Fresh Avenue

Tel: 860.833.2931


Labels and documents for fresh produce

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